Not every Kickstarter campaign is doomed to failure—occasionally you get something like Back to Bed, a new puzzle game that was Kickstarted back in spring 2013. It has just arrived on Android with a really cool visual style and interesting narcolepsy-based gameplay.

The basic premise is that Bob has narcolepsy, and is prone to sleepwalking. This is about the worst combination of maladies ever. Luckily, Bob has a subconscious guardian that can guide him safely to bed, as opposed to off the side of a tall building. You are that guardian. Through the placement of objects in Bob's path, you can get him pointed in the right direction, or you might kill him. Try not to do that.

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Back to Bed bears a superficial resemblance to Monument Valley, but the gameplay is quite a bit different. It was also conceived of long before Monument Valley came out. It's just an example of the convergent evolution of game design.

Back to Bed
Back to Bed
Price: $2.99