Any miniscule tap will wake up an Android Wear watch and make it start doing stuff, and there's no lock screen option built-in. Baby Time was one of the first Wear apps that sought to solve this, but Shower Wear is on another level. It's like the standard Android lock screen, but it's on your watch.

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We've been testing Shower Wear recently to see how it works in practice (we listed it in the last Roundup too). The name of the app comes from the "I want to shower with my $200 smart watch" scenario. As you may know, water will make most touchscreens go crazy, so a lock screen is quite useful. It works equally well to avoid unwanted taps. Shower Wear supports both pattern and swipe unlocks and it effectively locks down all features of the device.

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Some phones appear to have issues with the pattern lock setup process (via the phone app). The OnePlus One (and possibly other devices) won't register the pattern. Swipe unlocking seems to work fine, and I've had no issues with either method on the Nexus 5 and LG G3. Despite this lingering bug, we thought it prudent to bring Shower Wear to your attention.

Showear: Android Wear Lock
Showear: Android Wear Lock