This is a story you've heard before - Samsung has announced another smartwatch. Not content with its current bevy of smartwatch offerings, the South Korean manufacturer has introduced the Gear S, a new Tizen-powered watch with a curved display that Samsung says "enhances the smart wearable experience."

The watch has a 2.0" SAMOLED display at a 360x480 resolution, a 300mAh battery, a dual-core processor, and a handful of sensors including an accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, heart rate monitor, barometer, and sensors for ambient light and UV. Like some of Samsung's other watches, users can also make and receive calls from the device. The watch can connect to WiFi or through Bluetooth, and Samsung doesn't specify exactly which devices it will play nice with (though Samsung's own S-Health and Gear apps are emphasized).

The Gear S also has 3G connectivity on 900/2100 or 850/1900 bands (and 2G connectivity on 900/1800 or 850/1900). Samsung doesn't give up any pricing info on the watch, but says it will be available in global markets "in phases" starting in October.


Samsung Gear S_Pure White_4 Samsung Gear S_Pure White_3 Samsung Gear S_Pure White_2 Samsung Gear S_Pure White_1

Samsung Gear S_Blue Black_4 Samsung Gear S_Blue Black_3 Samsung Gear S_Blue Black_2 Samsung Gear S_Blue Black_1 (1)

Announced simultaneously with the Gear S is the Gear Circle, a set of wireless earbuds that connect magnetically to each other to form - you guessed it - a circle. The Gear Circle headset comes with a 180mAh battery packed in, along with a touch sensor. The headphones are expected to launch at the same time as the Gear S.

Samsung_Circle_Blue_Black _6 Samsung_Circle_Black _4 Samsung_Circle_White_2


To see the full press release, just hit the link below.