LG wants to make sure you know that it's announcing a new watch at IFA in Berlin. In addition to the movie trailer-style teaser released on Sunday, the image below showed up on the official LG Mobile Facebook page late last night. It's undeniably the G Watch R, which sports a "completely round" screen, in contrast with some watches that are taking their sweet time to come to the retail market.


LG's image is a little murky, in a "look at our fantastic new gadget" kind of way. Here's the same image with a few brightening tools applied in Photoshop.


The G Watch R looks... well, it looks like a watch. That's actually a pretty big deal, since almost every smartwatch up to this point has looked more like a tiny phone with a wrist strap rather than a conventional timepiece. For example, compare the original G Watch with a Seiko 5 series, which is a standard "sport" watch that you can pick up in stores around the world. Then check it next to the G Watch R. Notice the general shape of the watch roughly matches, including the chunky lugs for the strap. Contrast that with the lugless Moto 360, which connects to its strap under the watch face.


The latter isn't high fashion or anything, but it might blend in with a skillfully-selected outfit much better than the current crop of smartwatches, Android Wear or otherwise. And not to generalize half of LG's potential consumer base, but women might even appreciate a watch that doesn't look like a scifi prop.

IFA starts on September 5th in Berlin. Android Police will be there to cover it live.

Source: LG Facebook via Liliputing