Not content to fire back at the competition with just one volley, the company has continued its barrage with two new announcements. For starters, it's opening up family plans from a limit of five to up to ten lines. For most of us, that inherently means we're going to have to look outside of our immediate families to hit the max. It's time to get grandma a smartphone, call up that cheap uncle, and bring in a couple of college-bound cousins. Each additional line adds $10 per month after the second subscriber, and each person gets their own dedicated amount of data. This adjustment will take effect tomorrow, August 27th.

Starting September 3rd, T-Mobile customers will get double their data allotment whenever they add a tablet to their plan for an extra $10 a month. So if they had 3GB of data for their phone, they will receive another 3GB dedicated to their tablet. It's the kind of offer that makes ponying up for the LTE version of a tablet all the more compelling.


Alright Sprint, the ball's back in your court. We could use another discount and a couple LTE expansions right about now. T-Mobile's not easing up on either front.

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