Thanks to an awesome, understated design and (eventually) a competitive price, the Moto X has quietly become a favorite among discerning Android users. And it certainly doesn't hurt that Motorola has wasted no time in bringing the latest Android updates to its compact little flagship. Today Sprint's version of the Moto X gets upgraded to Android 4.4.4, up from the 4.4.3 build released in June.


Sprint isn't the last of the "big four" carriers to release its Moto X 4.4.4 update: technically AT&T is still soak testing their release. Sprint's soak (beta) test began almost two weeks ago. According to Motorola's support page, in addition to the security updates in the AOSP 4.4.4 code, the 212.44.28 OTA update includes improved camera exposure, the option to pause video recording, a slight UI update to the phone dialer, and the Motorola Alert app is now built-in.

You know the drill: check your notification drawer for the update alert, or go into the About Phone menu for a manual check. You'll need a stock recovery to flash the update correctly, and root or other modifications may cause the software update to fail. Updating over a rooted phone may or may not make you lose root - check your favorite user forum if you're squeamish.

Source: Motorola