It looks like Motorola is prepping a revamped version of its Skip accessory in time for a Moto X successor later this year, and it's going to be called.. Skip. According to some FCC documents that someone shouldn't have published because they're apparently confidential, Skip is going to switch to a Bluetooth-powered (as opposed to NFC) design to gain some more useful functionality.

skipit skipit2 skipit3

The HTC Fetch Motorola Skip's features include finding your keys (if Skip is attached to your key ring) with your phone's Skip app, finding your phone with Skip by double-pressing Skip's power button, and acting as a proximity lock for your Motorola smartphone (this feature will not work with non-Moto devices). The Skip app, though, will be compatible with non-Motorola devices, just minus the locking feature, including the ability to see on a map where the Skip and your phone were last in range.

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The new Skip is shaped like a rounded-off triangle and includes a lanyard to attach to your keys or wherever you want to put it. The estimated battery life is "over one year" with "normal use," and Skip uses a standard CR2032 watch battery for power that can be easily replaced.

FCC via Droid-Life