Remember that Sprint and T-Mobile price war we mentioned? Yeah, things are continuing to get better. Today T-Mobile has announced an add-on to its Simple Starter plan that will significantly increase how much LTE data customers can use. For an extra $5 a month, they can bump their allotment up from 500 MB to 2GB. This amounts to four times the data, and it manages to beat out the 1GB of LTE allowed under T-Mobile's $50 Simple Choice plan. The limited-time offer will start on September 3rd.

Screenshot 2014-08-25 at 1.11.28 PM

T-Mobile's press release doesn't make any mention of its own Simple Choice plan, so presumably it will be staying the same. Now I hear you, why would I get a $50 plan when I can get a $45 one with twice the LTE data? It's simple, really. With the Simple Choice plan, you technically have unlimited data, your speeds are just reduced after 1GB. You also get tethering and unlimited music streaming from select music services that don't count against your plan. With Simple Starter, your data gets cut off if you exceed your allotment. Not only that, you lose out on the free music and tethering.

Okay, maybe this isn't all that simple after all. Still, with Sprint having just introduced its $60 unlimited plan, it's nice seeing additional options pop up at the more affordable end of things.

Source: T-Mobile