The immensely difficult dungeon crawler Wayward Souls is currently up on Amazon for $1.99, one third of its usual price. That makes now a good time to pick up the game and walk away with a few dollars saved and a compelling title to boot. Not only that, buyers also get 60 Amazon Coins back, which amounts to 60 cents. For the math averse, that brings this title down to 140 coins for the people with virtual monies to spend.

Screenshot 2014-08-25 at 4.03.06 PM

This engaging action RPG came to Android earlier this summer from publisher Noodlecake. The dungeon crawler tasks players with picking a character, tweaking their skills, and trying to survive long enough to die with the requisite amount of experience points needed to get new abilities and try again. There's a plot, but it's not going to keep people glued to their seats. This is predominantly a hack-slash-repeat sort of affair. Nevertheless, it's well worth two bucks. Here's the trailer.

Wayward Souls on the Amazon Appstore