Update: The six-month link has now expired. As for the full year offer, well, some existing users are reporting that it isn't working for them either. That promotion is now aimed at new or potential users.

The majority of features that the LastPass password manager offers are available for free, but users still need to go premium for $12 a year to get the full package. That's not an exorbitant fee by any stretch, yet there's a way to put this off for up to a year and a half if you rather save yourself the money. Two links have hit the web offering LastPass Premium for free, with one providing a year of goodies while the other deals out six months. The two links work regardless of whether you're a new user or an existing subscriber.




After one year link


After the additional six months

To take advantage of this sweet deal, just hit up both offers below. They each come with their own set of buttons or links that will let you redeem. After you're done, be sure to verify by checking your account status.

One year offer

Six month offer

LastPass Password Manager
LastPass Password Manager
Developer: LogMeIn, Inc.
Price: Free+

Thanks, Joaquín Fernández!