Man, eBay just loves those Nexus deals. The latest is for a new 16GB Nexus 5, not refurbished or restocked, for $324.99 ($25 off the Play Store price). With the free shipping available from this seller and no sales tax charged for buyers outside the state of New Jersey, it's approximately $80 cheaper, plus or minus a few dollars depending on location. Note that this is the standard D820 model. If you haven't picked up a Nexus 5 yet, this is the best price we've seen in a while.


The seller BuyDig is also shipping to Canada, Mexico, the UK, Australia, Germany, and Japan, so a little extra shipping and a USB charger should make the phone ready for a little international action. (Readers in Alaska and Hawaii, for once you're not left out!) The listing appears to be for the same packaging seen in the Play Store, complete with US charger, SIM ejection tool, and a one-year warranty.

The eBay listing will be up until September 3rd, but even a small discount on Nexus phones tends to make them go quickly. If you're not interested in waiting to see what comes out at IFA, move fast on this one.

eBay: New 16GB Nexus 5 - $324.99