It's easy to scoff at Amazon Coins, but with offers of free ones popping up every now and then, it's just as easy to take that virtual money laughing as you walk away with awesome apps and games. Doing what it does rather well, Amazon is now expanding its reach to additional countries. The company's coins are now available in Australia and Japan.

As was the case when Amazon Coins first launched in the US in 2013, Kindle Fire owners in Japan and Australia will find that the company has already deposited 500 Yen or $5 AUD worth of coins into their accounts. Likewise, customers who purchase the currency in bulk will still receive discounts.


Say what you will about the Amazon Appstore and this heavy-handed attempt to get consumers sending more business its way, I wouldn't mind one bit if Google were as generous with Play Store credit. Australian and Japanese readers, enjoy your discounts.

Source: Amazon