Granted, it's not a pretty render, but it is a render of LG's upcoming G Watch R - a smartwatch that appears to be sporting a full circular display (no Moto 360 cutout) with more classic chronograph styling. Motorola's Moto 360, on the other hand, is just a sexy circle from the future.

LG's design would seem to appeal to a more traditional watch buyer, someone who wants a smartwatch that looks a lot like, well, a regular watch.


I've scaled down the image extracted from LG's teaser a bit because, frankly, it looks really awful any larger than this. A lot of that is video compression caused by YouTube - you'll notice this post's thumbnail image looks perfectly normal and, frankly, pretty nice compared to the one on our original post. I'd also wager that the display does extend all the way to that inner silver bevel, and that the circle with the second marks is just part of the watch face displayed, not an actual metal band. So, try not to judge it on the fact that it's all jaggy and weird blown up to full resolution - the real watch is obviously not going to look like that. This is also just a drawing, not a physical object, so you can expect the watch will feature details and materials not visible in this mockup.

That said, with all caveats explored, the G Watch R - hot or not?

G Watch R: hot or not?

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