While I don't exactly agree with the principle of teaser videos (say nothing, get free press), they are sometimes hard to ignore, especially when big name tech products are involved. Today's weirdly emotional ode to handwriting comes courtesy of Samsung, reminding you that on September 3rd they'll be Unpacking(TM) a new Galaxy Note.


The Note 3 features prominently in this spot, so the Note 4's appearance at the latest Unpacked event is all but a guarantee at this point. There's no mention of features, no talk of premium materials, and frankly, nothing remotely interesting whatsoever in this video. There's a piano and some violins and even a bass at some points, and there are some people writing things with feeling.

We'll be live at Samsung's Unpacked event at IFA, taking place on September 3rd in Berlin, Beijing, and New York simultaneously. All three events will begin at the same scheduled time - 9AM EST, 3PM CEST, and 9PM Beijing time.