Is your wrist lonely right now despite the loving embrace of an Android Wear watch? Don't fret—you can always send some apps over to join the party. You just need to know which ones, right? That's what the Roundup is all about. We only want to make you and your wrist happy. Why won't you let us love you?!

Wear Apps

TickTick Wear - Todo List

Fumbling with your phone while shopping is a great way to drop it and break the screen. If you've got a list to look at, it's much safer to manage it on the device strapped to your wrist where it can't get away. That's exactly what TickTick Wear does—it's a Wear version of the full Android TickTick to-do and list app. I'm not sure why it's a separate app and not a module in the existing one, but it does seem to have a lot of nice functionality.


TickTick for Android Wear lets you access to-dos on wrist without taking phone out of your pocket.
Key Features:
- View tasks scheduled on today and mark them done
- Create tasks with voice command by saying ‘Ok Google, take a note…’
- Change due date of a task
- Complete a checklist by checking off items one by one
- Seamlessly sync tasks with TickTick Android phone
TickTick for Android together with TickTick for Android Wear allows you never forget a to-do.

TickTick Wear - Todo List
TickTick Wear - Todo List
Developer: Appest Inc.
Price: Free

I'm Here

Do you like Facebook? Do you like checking into locations on Facebook? If you answered yes to both those questions, I'm Here is for you. All it does is let you check into Facebook. If you answered no to either of the above questions, please disregard.


I'm here is an Android Wear app purely designed to allow you to quickly check in to places on Facebook.

You can also update your Facebook status purely with your voice.

To install you must first load the companion app on your phone or tablet to sign into Facebook and get the right permissions in order to update your status.

The app will automatically be installed from your phone to you watch.

I'm here is compatible with all Android Wear smart watches:
- Samsung Gear Live
- LG G Watch
- Moto 360 (once released)

The app was not found in the store. :-(


If you don't like looking kind of dopey in public... this is not the app you're looking for. Move along. Kiwi is an app that uses the accelerometer in your watch to control actions on your phone. It lets you do things like wave your arm to the left or right to change tracks in a music app and decline calls by chopping the air. The result is that you look like a very nerdy Jedi. Kiwi works okay, but don't rely on it to save the galaxy or anything.


Kiwi for Android Wear lets you control your phone by moving your hand while your phone stays in your pocket. Air motions currently include swipe left and right.

Key features:
- Dismiss annoying calls with a simple hand gesture
- Use the force, karate chop and uppercut motions to start/stop music playback or skip tracks when your music is playing

More motions and actions coming soon.

User Permissions:
Internet & Access Network State: for crash analytics and synchronizing motions from our server
Read Phone State & Call Phone: for detecting phone calls and suspending motion detection while you're in a call

*Might not work with Google Music on 4.4.4


The app was not found in the store. :-(

LookBehind for Android Wear

There are a few apps in the Play Store that let you take pictures with your phone from the watch with a live viewfinder, but Look Behind is just a viewfinder. That might not sound useful, but it could actually be great for looking behind or under stuff. Is the remote under the couch? Don't crawl around on your hands and knees like some sort of filthy animal. You are a human dammit. Just use Look Behind to peek at what's going on under there with the phone's camera and pipe it to your wrist.


Need to look behind, inside, below ? Use Look Behind .!

Use your phone as a video camera and your watch as a screen.
No action is need on your phone, it can be on or off.
Just launch LookBehind on your watch and you get your phone camera on your watch. If need, trigger the torch, zoom in or out (swipe up/down) or rotate the view.
Always get your phone battery level.

LookBehind for Wear
LookBehind for Wear
Developer: Pixtogram
Price: $0.99

Showear: Android Wear Lock

Showear solves the problem of water or errant taps waking up your watch and making it do stuff you'd prefer it wasn't doing. It's basically a shrunken down version of Android's pattern lock on the watch. It still goes to sleep when locked, but upon waking you'll need to enter the code to bypass the lock screen. It also has options in the phone settings app for gesture lock activation, automatic locking, and more.


Showear is a simple utility avoiding your shower to take control of your smartwatch, but generally speaking it is a lock screen for Android Wear.

Using the app is simple:
1. Define an unlock sequence on your phone using the companion app;
2. Launch Showear on your watch.
Now your smartwatch will be accessible only after the insertion of the right sequence.

Showear actually provides next functionalities:
- Lock screen on swipe from outside the screen (bottom up)
- Opaque or transparent lock screen
- Automatically unlock watch on screen sand-by
- Screen brightness reduction for a lower energy consumption
- Always-on screen mode

Showear: Android Wear Lock
Showear: Android Wear Lock

Apps With Wear Support

My CookBook (Recipe Manager)

My Cookbook is a nifty little app to help you concoct tasty treats in the kitchen, but using a phone isn't always a good option. Your watch, on the other hand, is um... next to your hand. You can use the new Android Wear support in My Cookbook to see your recipes on the watch. Neat.


Store all your favorite recipes in one place. My CookBook is a recipe manager with search and import features.

My CookBook lets you create your own digital cookbook. Build your own recipe database by gathering recipes on the web and using the import features.
It is you and your own cookery.

You are looking for a new recipe ? Use our searching engine to find a new recipe on the web. When you have found one you like, import it into My CookBook. Then you will be able to view it everywhere on your phone or your tablet. You can add your own photo, change ingredients or directions, or add you own comments

You already have a cookbook ? Add a new recipe into My CookBook manually, or import your digital cookbook using one of the file formats we support like Meal Master (.mmf), MasterCook (.mxp), LivingCookBook (.fdx) , ReKconv (.rk)...

You want to share some recipes with your friends ? Invite your friends to join My CookBook, share your recipes with them and view their recipes. Or share your recipes on Facebook or by email, sms, and others. You can also send them a “My CookBook” file they will be able to load into their app

My CookBook also includes these features :
• Create shopping lists using your recipe ingredients
• Synchronize your recipes on different devices using dropbox
• Scale the ingredients to serve more or less people
• Use the speech feature to read recipes
• Customize various parts of the app such as theme, font size, categories.
• Earn Kiip Rewards by adding new recipes
• Open recipes on your Android Wear watch


SportsTracker (by STL)

SportsTracker is a GPS activity tracker for you active people. It can be used to track running, cycling, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, and more. Now with Wear support, you can use voice commands to start various activities and monitor your progress without taking the phone out. The free version of the app doesn't have live tracking or uploads, though. The Pro version is needed for that stuff.


Superior GPS sports tracking app. Running, cycling, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, sailing, biking, flying, gliding. The best featured app to record your GPS track and monitor your performance and cardio fitness.

★ Live tracking
★ Android wear support
★ Speed, distance, time, pace, altitude gain/loss
★ Training plans
★ Heart rate*
★ Breathing rate***
★ Skin temperature***
★ Cadence**
★ Voice trainer feedback
★ Personal Bests
★ Performance
★ Auto facebook/twitter
★ Groups
★ Friends
★ Replay my tracks on Google maps
★ Realtime zoomable charts
★ Weather
★ Calories
★ Race yourself
★ Export in GPX, CSV, KML from the website

* Polar wearlink or Zephyr BLUETOOTH or ANT+ HRM required
** Zephyr Hxm or ANT+ footpod or bike sensor required
*** Zephyr BioHarness required


stlwstart stlgpace1 stlgm1 stlstop

Sportstracklive Pro
Sportstracklive Pro
Price: $5.99

Watch Faces

Editor's Note: Yes, Google has not released the official watch face API yet, and has advised developers to avoid publishing watch faces to the Play Store. However, these things exist, so we're listing them here. Some devs have already promised a swift update as soon as the API is available. There will be some bugs (like the taller cards blocking things), but a few of them take that into account. Adjust your expectations accordingly.

Meter Watch Face for Wear

Android Police coverage: Meter Watch Face For Wear Is An Analog Meter Clock For Your Wrist

This is one of those watch faces that actually does a good job filling the screen without letting the peek card get in the way. Meter Watch Face shows you three strips that slowly migrate across the screen for the day, hour/minute, and second. The bottom seconds dial is often covered by a card, but you don't really need those. It's neat and free.


Displays the current time and date on two horizontally-scrolling "meter" displays. Also displays seconds - when the watch is awake - on a third, animated meter.

NOTE: This app is a watch face for Android Wear. It will not work unless you have an Android Wear smartwatch.

• When watch is asleep, display reverts to white-on-black (without seconds). Easier on your eyes and your watch's battery, plus it leaves room for a notification.
• Ready for round watchfaces, too.
• By the creator of

Integrated Watch for Ingress

Android Police coverage: [New App] Ingress Players Now Have A Slick-Looking, Non-Official Android Wear Watchface To Call Their Own

Ingress is a game of some sort that takes place in real life, but also on your phone. The mechanics of it have never been all that clear to me, but some people are really into it. For those people, the Integrated Watch for Ingress is a neat option. It shows the checkpoint and cycle countdown timer, what ever that means. Ingress makes me feel old.


Android wear watch face with a nice Ingress theme.
You can show off your level if you are level 9 or higher.
Checkpoint and cycle countdown are included.
Seconds are displayed live thanks to the octagon.

The face display faction logos like Resistance, Enlightened, Resistance Montreal, etc....
If you want your local faction logo to be included, contact us from our website or by email (see contact information at the end of this page)

If you find any issue, contact us to help fix it. Giving a bad review has never helped fix a bug.

This is a first release, the design may be improved in future releases.

This application is not affiliated in any way with Ingress or Google .inc. Ingress is a registered trademark of Google .inc

Watch Face for Ingress
Watch Face for Ingress
Developer: TRIGONE
Price: Free

KnightRider Watchface for Wear

Android Police coverage: [New App] KnightRider Android Wear Watchface Makes You Almost As Stylish As Michael Knight

If you make it your business to stop bad guys with the aid of your AI-powered super car, you probably have some sort of delusional psychosis and should seek professional help. If you just want to pretend, that's cool. You should get the KnightRider Watchface for Wear to make your play time more fun. It looks just like the watch from the classic 80s TV show, but K.I.T.T. is not included.


The Knight Rider's watchface for your Android Wear.
You can be the hero and talk to your supercar (OK GOOGLE) to defeat bad guys right away.

* ONLY support Android Wear devices. (currently LG G Watch & Samsung Gear Live)
* Currently only shows the 12-hours mode.
* If PM is not shown up to the right of minutes, then it is AM time.
* Support both LG G Watch & Samsung Gear Live.
* Please feel free to contact me if any suggestion or feedback.
* Comlink artwork used with permission from NRN Design, (C)2008 The Knight Rider Companion all rights reserved. (

[Special Features]
* ONLY available with some special customized supercar.
* Lock opener
* Audio/Video transmitter
* Digital Camera
* Electrical generation mode
* Communicated with A.I. powered supercar.
* Audio/Video playbacks
* Homing beacon

nexusae0_kr1 nexusae0_kr2 nexusae0_311

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Speeds Watch Face

Not gonna lie, this is a neat watch face and I would totally use it. It looks like a big, showy speedometer, except it tells you the time... mostly. There's also a built-in speedometer, which makes a lot of sense. I wish the watch face API was done. The cards cover too much of this watch face, sadly.


“Speeds” watch face turns your Android Wear watch into a sporty time machine.

This analog watch face unites classic sportive design with modern smartwatch functionality.

It is an iconic custom watchface and a speedometer app at the same time.

★ Sports watch with superb readability
★ Easy to use speedometer app
★ Adventurous spirit and exclusive design
★ Customizable Android Wear watch face
★ Works for round and squared watches

Watch face functions:

- Classic Wear watch face
- Speedometer for cycling, running, etc.
- Battery level indicator
- Date numerical
- Day of the week

Speedometer wear app (how to):

- Tap on the watch face
- Select start menu
- Choose Speeds App
- Speedometer will be opened
- GPS and speed tracking will be activated


Speeds Watch Face
Speeds Watch Face
Developer: Zuhanden
Price: Free

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