Yahoo has updated its primary Android app with a short and simple changelog: Access digital magazines and news categories from the navigational drawer. Now before anyone gets excited, no, you won't be able to read digital versions of print magazines using Yahoo. For that, you will still need the Google Play Newsstand, Zinio, Kindle, or Nook app installed. What Yahoo is referring to here is something else entirely. With this update, users can now jump from their sidebar to, well, prettier versions of the same news and amusement that they're already too embarrassed to tell others about.

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There are six digital magazines in total: Yahoo Beauty, Food, Health, Movies, Tech, and Travel. News content is presented in a long column, and individual stories are presented in a more aesthetically-pleasing scrolling format. If you've used the admittedly attractive Yahoo News Digest app before, then no aspect of this presentation will come off as strikingly different.

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Yahoo digital magazines are just like magazines, only not really. But at least they're still slick, and depending on your screen, pretty glossy too.

Yahoo News: Breaking, Local & US
Yahoo News: Breaking, Local & US
Developer: Yahoo
Price: Free

Source: Yahoo