Everything stored on computers takes up data (this is going somewhere, I promise). We humans, being the social creatures that we are, feel compelled to share things with others. This biological inclination didn't go away with our relatively new obsession with digital things, so we now find ourselves regularly wrestling with the issue of getting data that's stored on one of our devices onto someone else's. WeTransfer and its new Android app can help with that. It's far from the only one that can, but its forgiving file limit makes it a compelling option.

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WeTransfer does one thing, and that's all it cares to do. It lets users share files up to 10GB in size without having to sign up for an account. With each transfer, the app asks your email address, a recipient's, and a short note to go along with the file.

This is the kind of service that gets tucked away behind the Android share menu (functionality the iOS version obviously lacks) and only surfaces when you need it. That's not to suggest that the core app isn't worthy of some attention. Its presentation is slick, and as your file uploads, various backgrounds appear to keep your eyes looking at something more than a slowly moving bar (or in this case, a circle).

Registration isn't required, but if you want to store and keep track of your downloads, you can do so with a Plus account for $120 a year.

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