Yes, @evleaks has officially retired from leaking gadgets, but it appears Mr. Blass had one more treat for the tech community - images that appear to show the Moto X+1 in two variants, both emblazoned with Verizon logos. One is all-black, while the other sports a white front and a wooden back.


The images seem to match up with the images we previously leaked of what we believe to be the X+1, including the unique flash arrangement and somewhat confusing Motorola logo stamped into the back of the device. Around front, the front-facing speaker arrangement appears to match, and the home screen isn't too surprising, sporting Moto's minimalist skin. The white phone pictured has four gray dots that one may assume represent sensors. We didn't see these dots in our original leak, but the images given to us were hardly comparable to a well-lit press render.

Interestingly, the date on the clock widget reads September 17. Whether that means anything for the new device's release schedule can only be speculated.

With Motorola's press event coming up on September 4th, we can expect to hear something more official about the next Moto X soon (along with the Moto G, the 360, and some kind of headset).

Source: @evleaks