The creators of Organ Trail: Director's Cut who brought us the wonder of "delicious Apple 2 pixel art" combined with the nostalgia of the Oregon Trail and zombies, have done it again, introducing Max Gentlemen to the Play Store.

Max Gentlemen is an "arcade style extreme manners simulator" in which you'll strive to prove your gentlemanliness by stacking hats. On your head. Also the hats can jump to avoid passing beer glasses, low-flying birds, or other such obstacles.

Players must choose a character, a hat, and a level, and see how many hats they can balance in the game's initial gameplay mode. More modes, hats, and characters can be unlocked as you succeed in stacking a truly cultured quantity of hats on your perfectly-coiffed hair. The game is free to play, but in-app purchases are also available for even more characters and levels, and the creators promise more are still to come.

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Max Gentlemen integrates with Google Play Games for leaderboards, and offers local two-player face-offs as well. The gameplay (in which users variously swipe and tap to collect hats or jump hats over obstacles) takes a minute or two to become accustomed to, but beyond that the game is great for wasting a few minutes or brushing up on your gentlemanly hat-stacking prowess.

Max Gentlemen
Max Gentlemen