Smartwatches aren't good at a number of things, but one area where they really shine is the delivery of notifications: email, texts, you name it. Now ESPN has launched a Pebble app that adds another type of information to peoples' wrists - sports scores. This way fans and fanatics alike can keep up with the action without having to bother whipping out their phones and hunting for the app. Instead they can look down at their watches and explain to confused onlookers why they're suddenly cheering.


The ESPN Pebble app can track the NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA, and one league that doesn't begin with an N, the MLB (don't worry, the remainder of this post is acronym-free). It tracks schedules in addition to results and can handle multiple games at once. The watch will vibrate when new scores come in, but wearers can update them on demand by flicking their wrist.

We may not hear about them as much as we used to, but there are still a good number of happy Pebble owners out there. In the wake of so much tech press surrounding newer Android Wear devices, the Pebble folks must surely be happy to continue to snag support from such well-known brands.

ESPN Pebble app

Source: Pebble blog