All it takes is a single button and some concentration to help a bizarre type of jellyfish perpetuate its species in Deep Under the Sky. In return, you get to explore an amazing technicolor world on the dark side of Venus. This is the newest game from the developer of the similarly trippy Incredipede, but it's a much more zen experience.

In each of the 80 levels of Deep Under the Sky, you have to fire off spores from your jellyfish to capture the nests scattered around the level. Only after you've implanted your seed in all of them do you get to move on. There are also bonus stars hidden throughout the level that are considerably harder to reach. The mechanics of directing the spores around the level change over time—sometimes you jet, and other times you grapple and swing. It's all controlled with a single button though. It's all about timing.

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The graphics are gorgeous in Deep Under the Sky, and there's a soothing ambient soundtrack. It's just not the sort of game you come across often, and there are no in-app purchases to be found. You buy this lovely little package and it's yours forever. And really, how many games are there about alien jellyfish reproduction? I'd wager not many.

Deep Under the Sky
Deep Under the Sky
Developer: Northway Games
Price: $2.99