There's something about our camera-equipped portable mini-computers that makes app developers look at them as the perfect platform for yet another niche photo editing app. Want to add text to your images? Here's something for that. Want cool filters? Try this on for size. Want to feel like Snoop Lion? Of course you do. Fragment doesn't even claim to make your photos better. It just makes them... different.

fragment1 fragment2 fragment3

Fragment gives users the power to change their plain photos into abstract works of art. The developers call it prismatic art. I wikied that word, but that only turned up yet another app. I will define it as the act of tweaking pictures using shapes. Feel free to rush to the comments and tell me I'm wrong.

This port of an iOS app gives creative types all the tools they need to take crappy shots and turn them into something someone might actually want to look at long enough to tilt their head and go "huh, interesting." So in that sense, I guess it does make photos better. And besides, it's kind of cool.

You can find out for yourself for $1.99 below. And no, there are no in-app purchases.

Developer: Pixite, Inc.
Price: $1.99+