Today the MediaFire Android app is turning 2.0, an age that resembles 20 but generally brings along more change in the life of an app. Software seemingly goes through digital puberty overnight and finds itself tucked inside a new body that looks different and similar at the same time. The latest version of MediaFire won't look unfamiliar to people who have known the app for a while, but most would probably say it has aged for the better.

media1 media2 media3


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There's very little that needs to be said about the new UI. It used to be clean, and now it looks even more so. Icons have changed color, and visuals just have that extra layer of polish.

Appearances aside, 2.0 is packing substantive changes too. MediaFire now supports automatic photo and video backup. Once media files are up on the web, the app will do a better job of streaming them back down. It's also easier for people to share links to one another through whichever communication method they prefer.

What's new:

  • Automatically backup your camera photos! – MediaFire for Android lets you automatically upload and protect all your photos and videos to the MediaFire cloud.
  • Stream music and videos - Stream your music and video collection anywhere and anytime.
  • Share documents and media directly from your mobile device - Easily share through email, sms, or your favorite chat app!)

12GB accounts (with the ability to earn up to 50GB) are available for free, while premium accounts offering 1TB go for $2.50 a month or $24.99 a year.

Developer: MediaFire
Price: Free