You have an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the latest gaming craze to sweep the nation—Swing Copters. It's like Flappy Bird, but vertical. Yeah, it goes up instead of to the right. Revolutionary. This is the second game from Dong Nguyen of .GEARS Studios, and will presumably be the first one he doesn't unpublish for mysterious reasons in a few months. It's free with ads, but the supposed in-app purchase to remove them doesn't seem to be present in the Android version. It's $1.29 on iOS.

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Flappy Bird got weirdly popular because the fundamental nature of the game was unforgiving. The physics were a little wonky and hard to get used to, and the hit boxes that would kill your ugly little bird when he touched a wall were incredibly sensitive. It's much the same in Swing Copters. The little propeller head guy starts rising toward the gates, swinging back and forth. A tap changes his left/right swing direction so you can line up for the gate. However, there are swinging hammers on each side of the openings to make it harder to slip through.

The early preview was not lying—Swing Copters is even harder and more frustrating than Flappy Bird. From my limited time with it, I feel like it might actually be too hard. Flappy Bird got big because it was possible to get through a few gates even if you kind of sucked at the game. There was hope for a better run next time. Swing Copters still has the big hitboxes, but the movement is even more difficult to get used to. Those "screw-you-hammers" really put it over the top. This game will make you hate yourself, but what do I know? I didn't like Flappy Bird either. Kids these days...

Swing Copters
Swing Copters
Developer: DOTGEARS
Price: Free