Newegg is offering up a pretty compelling deal on the Nexus 7 right now. Those interested in picking up a refurbished 16GB model can do so for about $103 (before tax) using VISA Checkout, after a $50 rebate.

This deal is actually a combination of promotions from Newegg - the site is offering 10% off (up to $20) when users select VISA Checkout and use promo code VCO, and Newegg's listing for the refurbished 16GB Nexus 7 offers a $50 rebate (via prepaid card).

For those unfamiliar, VISA Checkout is the credit card company's "easier way to pay online," offering checkout solutions for online sellers similar to those offered by Google Wallet or PayPal.


Newegg warns that the VISA Checkout deal only lasts until August 25 or until supplies run out, so those interested in the deal should act quickly. Hit the link below to read more about Newegg's VISA Checkout promotion, or skip straight to the Nexus 7 listing.

Newegg (VISA Checkout Promo / Nexus 7)