Sprint has heard your regular complaints about its slow network, your jabs at its decision to cram an r into the word family, and your steady insistence that it just isn't good enough to compete. Now the company is trying to turn that around with a bargain that, on paper at least, makes for a good deal. It's rolling out a new family plan called the Family Share Pack offering 20GB of shared data plus 2GB per device for just $100 a month. The offer supports up to ten lines and will be available starting August 22nd.

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The plan is temporary though, lasting only until the end of 2015. At that point, the $15 per line access fee returns, bringing the cost up to $160 for a family of four.

Yet until that time arrives, this deal manages to undercut T-Mobile's recent offer by providing twice the data at the same rate. The Purple T provides a total of 10GB per month, with each of the maximum four lines getting 2.5GB of data. Adding more lines also tacks on additional charges.

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The true value here depends on the strength of Sprint's network in your area, but this is the case with each cellular provider. While Verizon and, to a lesser extent, AT&T may be large enough to offer coverage in most places, Sprint and T-Mobile vary widely depending on location. A cheap family plan isn't worth the savings if, at the end of the day, Wi-Fi makes up the only signal a device can pick up.

But for people with decent Sprint coverage and the patience to put up with its growing network, the link below may just be worth investigating.

Sprint Family Share Pack