Remember the obnoxious gameplay in Flappy Bird that got everyone so upset? Amazing Brick is a little like that, but the gameplay mechanics are slightly more fleshed out. It does look like another Flappy Bird clone (rotated 90 degrees), but there's more to it.

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You have to make the brick jump upward in Amazing Brick and clear as many gates as possible before smacking something. That's where the obvious Flappy Bird (and Swing Copters) vibe comes in. However, you can choose to jump the brick left or right with each tap. You can even juggle it back and forth in the air to line up for the perfect jump past an obstacle and through the gate. The brick will also cling to the edge of the screen and slide down slowly, allowing you to jump off in a more favorable area.

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It's a fun little game with maybe just enough variation to be more entertaining than frustrating (like Flappy Bird). You can play it for free with ads, or pay $1.99 to remove them. I don't know if I'd say Amazing Brick is amazing, but it's at least neat.

Amazing Brick
Amazing Brick
Developer: Ketchapp
Price: Free+