LG would like to remind you that the G3's Quick Circle case is definitely not copying the S View case. I mean, look—no corners. As we all know circles are totally in right now, and you can get a bit more functionality out of the Quick Circle case for the G3 with Quick Circle Apps.

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One of the weaknesses of the LG built-in functionality is that you need to use the stock apps, but Quick Circle Apps gives you a little more freedom. After installing the app, you'll notice there are some new items in the Quick Circle app menu. All the modules prefaced by "Quick" come from the app in question. It's got a compass, notification viewer, settings toggle, calendar, music player, and more. This app also has a launcher icon that can be placed in the main Quick Circle array of buttons so you can access all its modules, even if you don't have them selected individually in the settings.

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The app itself has settings for many of the individual modules, as well as a G2 compatibility mode. Remember, several of the modules need to be granted notification access to work. Quick Circle Apps is free and open source. The code can be downloaded from Github, so perhaps other devs can add their own modules later.

Quick Circle Apps
Quick Circle Apps
Developer: Yoav Sternberg
Price: Free

[Thanks, Marius Rye]