We've already drawn attention to Terraria on the Play Store, where it's still on sale for $1.99 after nearly a month. For people who enjoy good sandbox games with 8-bit inspired graphics, and have grown tired of that other one, then this is an easy recommendation. In addition to Google Play, it's also available in the Amazon Appstore for the same $1.99, a sizable discount from the regular price of $4.99. This translates to 199 coins for anyone who has a stockpile of Amazon's digital currency sitting around.

Screenshot 2014-08-18 at 11.53.45 AM

Terraria is very similar to Minecraft, in that it contains digging, using different types of blocks, crafting recipes, and fighting monsters. It's less tedious and more structured, but it should provide fans of the genre with many of the same feels.

Hit up the link below to pick up the game and pay Amazon using whichever method you prefer.

Terraria on Amazon Appstore