Amazon's first smartphone isn't that great, but the company is already moving to improve the experience with the device's first OTA update. This bumps the FireOS version up to 3.5.1, and includes a slew of new features and improvements:

The software version includes new and enhanced features:

  • Quick Switch

    With a double-press on the home button, Quick Switch allows you to easily alternate between or shut down running apps and tasks. To learn how to use Quick Switch, go to Switch Between and Close Recent Apps.

  • App Grid Collections

    Create folders of apps or content right on the app grid. To learn how to use Collections, go toNavigate Your Fire Phone.

  • Carousel Pinning

    Pin your favorite apps to the front of the home carousel. To learn how, go to Navigate Your Fire Phone.

  • 11 Frame Lenticular Photos

    Create Lenticular photos using 11 still images instead of 3. To learn how, go to Take Photos & Personal Videos.

  • Enhanced Carousel E-mail

    Delete e-mails directly from the home screen. To learn how, go to Email Basics.

  • Improved Video Sharing

    Share high-resolution videos via MMS or e-mail. To learn how, go to View Edit & Share Photos.

  • Improved Battery Life

    Dozens of system updates for enhanced battery performance. To learn more about optimizing battery life, go to Conserve Battery Life.

If you're a Fire Phone owner, you'll probably want to go ahead and grab this one. Head into Settings > Device > Install System Update > Check Now to see if it's available on your handset.