Drippler has been around for a while on both Android and iOS, providing relevant news, tips, app and game recommendations from various online sources tailored to your device. And now, one of these sources is Android Police. That's right, you can find our extensive Android coverage right within Drippler and in a format that is both mobile-friendly and Play Store-friendly.

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One of Drippler's excellent features is its ability to parse articles for Play Store links, then provide a handy list of these apps and games at the bottom of the page. That matches perfectly with our frequent apps and games posts, and most importantly, with our big roundups.

The rest of Drippler's options aren't too shabby either. It will recognize your device and software version then start providing you with relevant articles containing tutorials, news, and app and game recommendations. You can customize the experience to remove games, sort and filter the various articles, change the layout of your drips, pick the font size that suits you best, and enable notifications. There's even a new Discussions area that acts like a forum for Drippler users to ask questions and share tips related to Android in general or their specific devices.

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If you're already using Drippler, you should have already started seeing our content on it, but if you are not, you can download it from the widget below.