Over four years ago a bunch of people bought the Motorola Cliq XT thinking that it would eventually receive an update to a future version of Android. Instead, after months of putting up with silent delays, they were left stranded on Cupcake (yes, that's how long ago we're talking here). Now the class action lawsuit Haught v. Motorola Mobility taken up in the name of these jilted folks has resulted in a small reward. Anyone who purchased a Motorola Cliq XT prior to February 2, 2011 is entitled to a redemption code worth $25 on the Motorola Online Store.

I know, that's some settlement, right? Fine, if people agree to buy more of our products, we'll give them a $25 discount. Nevertheless, $25 saved is still, ultimately, $25 saved. So if you're interested, just fill out this claim form that you can submit online or in the mail. Alternatively, you can choose not to receive the benefit if, let's say, you're still angry at Motorola enough to take up a separate lawsuit at your own expense.

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Of course, that was four years ago, and Motorola is doing pretty well with updates these days. The lesson appears to have already been learned here. How long are you really going to hold a grudge over the Cliq XT?

Source: Cliq XT Settlement

Thanks, Jay Dobashi.