Google knows using YouTube on a TV could be better, so the company has started to push out an updated version that fits in more with the company's latest sense of style (Android TV, anyone?) and, more importantly, makes content easier to access.

YouTube looks great on a TV, but it's not as easy to browse as other media services such as Netflix and Hulu, where users can just shift through movie titles and the latest shows without having to go through all that much effort. YouTube is a more search-centric experience, requiring people to wrestle with their keyboard-less remote controls. The latest version of YouTube for TV doesn't make searching suddenly not suck, but it makes subscriptions and saved videos easier to pull up thanks to a new sidebar.



This upgrade looks better overall, but it won't be of much use to people who prefer not to sign in to a YouTube account. Regardless, change is on its way. The release has hit the Xbox One first, and it will roll out to other streaming devices in the coming weeks.

Update: You can play with the new UI here (thanks, John).

Source: YouTube blog