Surgeon Simulator is a game where players will save lives, but this will come mostly likely after they've ruined many others. In this port of the popular PC title, players get to step into an operating room and do whatever it is their heart desires. The idea is that this will match whatever it is the patient's heart wants, but as we know from any simulation game, this isn't always the case.

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With a first-person view of the action and tight control over their surgeon's hands, players are able to wield tools however they see fit and cause great mayhem thanks to the game's over-the-top physics engine. View this trailer of the original PC version to see these shenanigans in motion.

The Android version has a trailer too, but it mentions absolutely nothing about the game. Prepare to be trolled.

Surgeon Simulator will set tablet owners back $5.99, but it comes completely free of in-app purchases. Hopefully this will tide consumers over until the Goat Simulator port lands into the Play Store as well.

Surgeon Simulator
Surgeon Simulator
Developer: Bossa Studios Ltd
Price: $4.99