Google's Niantic Labs operates as a semi-autonomous company within Google that works on projects like Ingress and the travel app Field Trip. Ingress gets most of the attention, but now Field Trip might become a bigger part of all Android users' lives. Data from Field Trip is about to be integrated with Google Now to make sure you know what cool stuff is around when you're away from home.

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According to Niantic Labs, the next time you're traveling, you could get a card in Google Now that pulls data on nearby points of interest, restaurants, and historical facts. The card will be labeled "Nearby discoveries," but there doesn't appear to be any Field Trip branding at all. The Field Trip app can be used anyplace, but the card implementation might only be for when you're away from home. It's not entirely clear.

The data will just appear in Now magically, so there's no need to install the Field Trip app (we've verified this with Field Trip's PR just in case).

Field Trip
Field Trip
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