Whenever I review Bluetooth speakers, at some point or another I usually end up thinking "you know, this would be so much better if it floated off of some sort of base." Alas, that never happens and I have to deal with speakers that rest on a surface. It's a hard knock life.

Enter OM, coming to change the game with the OM/One speaker. It floats. It's a sphere. It's a floating sphere that plays music. All of my dreams have become realities, and some of my realities have become dreams.


But there's a catch: OM needs some funding dollars before the One will become a thing that you and I can buy. The company is doing its own crowdfunding thing on its website, allowing users to essentially pre-order the device for anywhere between $179 and $6000. While the former is all you need to throw down to secure a speaker, the latter will get you dinner with OM's founder and CMO, as well as a speaker of your choosing (white, black, disco, or custom), a signed prototype, and a shirt.

To find out more and/or grab one for yourself, head here.