Seagate has a dedicated Android app for accessing music, photos, videos, and other files stored on one of its wireless drives. The latest version of said app adds the ability to stream things to Chromecast, LG TV, and Roku devices. This way you can get files from one thing onto a different thing using another thing entirely. Welcome to the future. Again.

Since the future is starting to look familiar now, you already know what to expect here. A Chromecast icon will appear when viewing media that is cast-able.



There are some caveats. LG TV and Roku support requires "newer devices," presumably meaning that older LG and Roku models aren't supported. And just as before, you still need a Seagate Wireless Plus, Seagate Central, LaCie Fuel, or GoFlex Satellite storage device to get any use out of the app.

Seagate Media™ app
Seagate Media™ app

Thanks, Ziad Kalach.