Developer Chris Lacy's last release was Link Bubble, an app that loads web pages in Chat Head-like bubbles that float on the screen until you need them. The newly released TapPath seeks to refine the mobile browsing experience even further by assigning different actions depending on how many times you tap a link.

Say you like to use Link Bubble for certain pages, but sometimes you just want things in Chrome. All you need to do is set TapPath as your default web link handler once, then choose which apps you want to route links to for one, two, and three taps. For example, one tap could pull up the link in Chrome, two taps loads it in Link Bubble, and three taps could be used to open the link in the "Complete action with" menu. The process of handing off to the selected app is rather seamless as well. They don't even have to be browsers—TapPath could send links directly to Pocket, Pushbullet, or something completely different.

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TapPath works very well most of the time, although it does have issues with web views and anything that allows double-tap to zoom (think Gmail and Chrome). You have to be very precise to hit the link with your double or triple tap to avoid zooming accidentally. If the app doesn't seem to be acting right for you, there is a tap delay slider in the options that might help you get more in tune with TapPath.

The app was not found in the store. :-(