Plenty of phones tied to carriers get left behind in the update game, but the Moto X has kept up surprisingly well. The AT&T variant is currently sitting at 4.4.2, but AT&T has started pushing 4.4.4 updates to a soak testing group. If all goes as planned, it could roll out to everyone soon.

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4.4.4 isn't a major update as far as the underlying Android platform goes—it's mostly bug fixes and such. The AT&T update (v212.44.26.en.US) has all that stuff, but it also includes a setting to hide the carrier name from the status bar. This setting was added to many other Motorola phones in 4.4.3 after complaints that the text made notification icons unusable. The AT&T implementation clears the name after notifications come in, but it's still nice to be able to shut it off completely.

The update is fairly hefty at 151.5MB, so there might be some more goodies that become apparent later. Keep in mind this is just a soak test. If something's busted, that would delay the full deployment.

[Thanks, Anon]