A number of new and interesting features are headed towards the Xbox One, but I'm going to ignore most of them. What has caught out attention is the ability to stream TV to Android devices using the SmartGlass app. The feature will join the Xbox One Digital TV Tuner in coming to various European countries in the months ahead. It will allow users to stream TV to other smartphones and tablets while continuing to play games on the Xbox One.

Check out the video below to see a demo of the functionality in action. I've jumped ahead to the relevant part for you.

SmartGlass TV streaming will let viewers pause, play, and rewind shows from their touchscreen devices. Not only that, they will be able to change channels without interrupting what's going on with the actual console or the TV it's hooked up to.

Hit up the source link below for more details as well as the non-Android-related bits that you might also care about. Don't worry, you can be honest with us. We understand that there are other things in your life besides Android devices.

Price: Free

Source: Major Nelson