The Escort SmartRadar is, unsurprisingly, a radar detector. What's perhaps more surprising is the Android app that comes with it. This piece of software lets users measure how fast they're going and receive warnings for upcoming speed traps. Someone out there may have a use for this, and said person may just like to know that the product is currently available for just $179.95 following a coupon code. This reduces the price down to $20 lower than what we saw it going for the last time around and $70 less than its current price on Amazon.

The radar detector is on sale over at By default it's priced at $279.95. To get $100 hacked off, enter the code AUGTRAV at checkout. The product will also come with free shipping.

Screenshot 2014-08-12 at 4.56.32 PM

For a very brief refresher of what this thing can do, here's a video.

Escort SmartRader radar detector with Android app on

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