The Sense TV app comes pre-installed exclusively on a number of HTC handsets, such as the One M7 and, more recently, the M8. It serves as an image-heavy, contextual remote that tries to take the hassle out of keeping up with what's playing on which channels. There's also a sports component that places emphasis on athletic shows and current scores. Today's update takes that last element and mixes it with good ol' American football and a shot of rugby.

What's new:

  • Sense TV Sports now support American Football (NFL, NCAA)
  • Sense TV Sports now support Tri-Nation Rugby

Having long already supported soccer to appeal to its global users, HTC is now throwing a bone to its American customers by giving attention to what we in the States think of when we say football. The app keeps tabs on the two most well-known leagues, the NFL and the NCAA. Then there's rugby, which, despite middling interest on this side of the pond, is a similar enough sport to confuse unknowing passersby.

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The widget below won't be of any use for people without an HTC device, and it isn't really necessary for people who already have the app pre-installed either. Nevertheless, here it is.

The app was not found in the store. :-(