Udell Enterprises, Inc, the same developer that brought us Wearable Widgets, is now back with another Android Wear app. This time, it's a unique watch face that borrows its design from the analog meters of yore.

Meter Watch Face gets a lot of things right and manages to overcome most of the limitations caused by the lack of an official watch face API for Wear. It uses three white meters with black text and a mid-screen vertical red indicator when the screen is active. The third meter scrolls in a continuous animation with each passing second. In the always-on mode, the watch face switches to a battery-friendly white text on a black background design and the seconds meter disappears.

Thanks to its design, Meter Watch Face manages to partially circumvent the large notification card issue—the card will only hide the seconds and minutes meters, but not the date or hour. And finally, the app is ready for round watches too. If you're interested in giving this watch face a spin, you can download it from the widget below.