Every once in a while, a truly cool idea ends up on Kickstarter, and LightFreq is one such case. It's simple, really: a Bluetooth speaker married with a Phillips Hue-like light bulb. So, a color-changing speaker in your ceiling. Yep, I'm already sold.

There will of course be companion apps available for both iOS and Android that not only control the music and lights, but also allow the handset to work with LightFreq for an in-house intercom system. That's pretty neat. Oh, and if you have multiple LightFreqs, it'll detect when you leave the room and turn off the lights and music when you enter another room (where the lights and music will automatically come on). Double-y sold.

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Forgive the iPhone, there were no Android shots. :(

Lucky for me, LightFreq is going to become a reality, because it hit its funding goal this morning. If you want to back the campaign, no worries – there's still plenty of time. Twenty-five days worth of time, in fact. While pledges start at $1, it'll take at least $70 to secure a LightFreq unit for yourself; everything else is just basically giving the guys money for...nothing. I'm not really into that, but if you are, then go for it.

If you're as into this idea as I am, you can get more info on LightFreq's Kickstarter page.