Do you remember when Windows Vista came with a pre-installed 3D version of chess? It was a good way to show off what computers were capable of, and it sure beat playing another tired round of 2D, pixelated solitaire (if only for a few moments). Aside from that, there aren't many modern examples of digital chess being all that impressive. Even in a high resolution and covered in great textures, it's still a slow-moving board game.

But this is different, because now not only can you play chess digitally, you can play it on your face. That's right, the game is now available for Google Glass. Those of you who own a pair can play using either your voice or the touchpad.

Screenshot 2014-08-08 at 2.18.04 PM

chess2 chess3 chess4

The game comes with a few options, such as the ability to change the board color or import a third-party chess engine to replace the built-in one. But what's really impressive here is the level of nerdom this allows one to obtain. Not only are you geeky enough to own a pair of Glass, you're using it to play chess of all things. I am in awe.

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Source: Google Glass, Aart's Glass page