Whenever there's a new gadget you can personalize, a series of staple geek-inspired designs will make their way onto it as fast as possible—Matrix, Tron, Star Wars, Star Trek, and so on. The terminal look is one such perfect example. Because of its text-based nature, it can replace any graphical interface with more information in a less obvious manner. And it looks cool doing so.

terminal-watch-face-1 terminal-watch-face-2

Terminal Watch Face brings the terminal look to Android Wear devices in a very convincing way. There's green text, an animated typing simulation for the date command, and then it feels like the watch is responding by displaying the date, time, and timezone. All of this information is crammed on the upper part of the screen, taking into account the lack of an official watch face API and the subsequent limitation to only display tall notification cards.

Beside tugging at our geeky heart strings, Terminal Watch Face serves two legitimate purposes: it is one of a limited selection of watch faces that can display the date along with the time and it is perfect for confusing everyone around us. "Dude, your watch seems stuck!" "Is it rebooting in recovery?" "Peter, are you seriously coding while having dinner with me? I thought we agreed you'd leave your nerdy computer stuff at the office!" 

The app was not found in the store. :-(