Most veteran users of Android have probably run Handcent SMS at least once over the years. It's still a very popular third-party SMS app, but the design hasn't exactly kept up with the times. Today's update doesn't solve all its ills, but v6.0 does look worlds better than the old version.

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Here's the full list of changes for v6.0.

Handcent SMS 6.0:

  • Beautifully flat UI design with colorful contacts photos for the default skin.
  • Newly added navigation drawer for easier and quicker access.

Handcent Anywhere:

  • Text on computers and tablets. Utilize the bigger screen and physical keyboard for faster texting.
  • Notification Center

Full Android Support

  • Fully compatible with all versions of Android(Include Android L and Kitkat 4.4.4)

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There are a few screens of the old app below, and really, you can't deny that was pretty ugly. The new app is much nicer with flat bars and a proper navigation slide-out menu. The Handcent Anywhere feature is apparently a cloud syncing improvement that lets you send messages from a tablet or web browser like you would from your phone. It works across Android, iOS, and Windows Phone on the mobile side.

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The app was not found in the store. :-(