The Android L release is the first time Google has offered a developer preview of an upcoming version of the platform, so no one knew how it would handle things. Would there be updates? Could we watch L evolve over time? It was unclear before, but now Google has posted new versions of the images for the Nexus 7 and Nexus 5.


The new versions have build number LPV81C, whereas the last one was LPV79. Basically, it's two days newer than the last preview (check out our version number calculator). This version includes support for Google Fit, according to the download page. We're not expecting huge changes otherwise, but we are digging through it anyway. If anything pops up, we'll update.

Maybe we will get more versions before the release, and maybe this is it—no way to know. You can grab the new images at the Android Developers site and flash them to your device, but a full wipe will probably be needed (if you get the missing button/busted notification issue from not wiping, try this fix). Here are the specifics.

430 MB (451,424,729 bytes)
MD5 f3d795fc41fbd993121998caa597477b

421 MB (441,760,643 bytes)
MD5 101c6e1673f54048ba2eee0c9f9be041

[Android Developers – Thanks, Sebastiano Poggi]