Street View has come to 36 universities across the US and Canada. As we approach the start of another academic year, students and their parents (and everyone else) now have the option to get to know campuses by taking a virtual tour. The list is admittedly not comprehensive, but it contains beautiful views of Georgetown University, the University of Miami, and the University of Regina, to name a few.

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Though Google explicitly points out the three universities above in its announcement, it has provided a list of others so that we don't have to go through the effort of hunting for these campuses ourselves. The link doesn't yet show 36, so it may need some time to finish populating. Yet if you head there now, you will see at least 30 institutions.

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And yes, these views are accessible on an Android device as well. Here I am virtually exploring the University of Oklahoma.

2014-08-07 15.27.21

Check out the full list below.

University campuses with Street View

Source: Google