More droids everywhere! If you're itching to androidify your life, then this cute little speaker will definitely help the process and won't cost you a lot. At $15, it is 79% off its normal price on Amazon and $5 less than the previous deals we previously spotted on Best Buy and Newegg.

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With two stereo speakers, a passive subwoofer, peak output of 8W, and an 850mAh lithium-ion battery, this bugdroid will play your tunes loud enough and for a respectable 6-hour duration. At lower volumes, it should last even longer without requiring a charge. Audio input is managed through a 3.5mm cable plug, the lack of Bluetooth being the only downside to this otherwise awesome gadget.

The green Pal Bot deal is available with free shipping for Amazon Prime members. Its navy blue counterpart, the PhanBot is only discounted to $25 (with Prime), not as impressive a deal as this one.